About Us

A Few Words About Us

Our ultimate goal is to curb pollution and improve air quality index.

With the bright and dynamic Mr Aakash Chavda at the helm, Kryo Energy Pvt Ltd. is rapidly becoming a big player in India's LNG and Energy market.
A Mechanical Engineer by education and more than 14 years in theCryogenic Energy market, Aakash's route is the hard one. He began at the grassroots level and worked his way up to the top, by starting Kryo Energy Pvt. Ltd. The team at Kryo has worked with companies in countries like the USA, China, Nigeria, India etc., with industry leaders in the core Cryogenic industry and LNG industry, where he played a key role in operations in various phases of LNG Mining up to LNG Dispensation. The Government of India has laid out a very ambitious plan of increasingthe usage of Liquefied Natural gas in India, through the plan to set up 1000 LNG Stations across the country, and also offering several incentives. This is a part of the broader outlook to curb pollution and improve the Air Quality Index.

What We Do

We at Kryo Energy are committed towards bringing in a paradigm shift in the fuel consumption in India.

LNG has to be transported from the area it is mined and processed to the dispensing terminal, during which it has to be stored in special Cryogenic Cylinders and Tanks. Therefore, it is necessary to take utmost care during this process, which requires a high level of expertise. The team at Kryo Energy has decades of experience in the energy industry, and using their expertise; they assist in setting updispensing terminals. We are experts in end-to-end LNG solutions(procurement to dispensation).
Additionally, Team Kryo Energy has the necessary expertise n Solar Power energy generation and Electric Vehicle Charging facilities. We are in the process of setting up EV Charging Terminals which will have the fastest vehicle charging capacity, using the latest technology. We also assist in setting up solar energy farms to provide a sustainable energy form, which has high availability and s highly eco-friendly.With the technology available to use Hydrogen as fuel, Kryo Energy has the in-house expertise to not only process and produce fuel-grade Hydrogen but also pave the way for the advent of Hydrogen as a major source of fuel in India, by setting up a supply line and dispensation units.

Our Vision

Kryo Energy's vision is to be the foremost supplier of LNG and other forms of renewable energy, and to partner with the Government of India and its citizens to make our country a 'carbon neutral' country, and be a role model for environment-friendly and sustainable development in India.

Our Mission

We endeavour to be the industry trendsetter not only n India but internationally too. We have professed and inculcated a strong set of values and beliefs in our team, to make this vision a resounding success, a success built on the pillars of safety, trust, values and confidence to be the best.

Our Strength

Team Kryo Energy functions professionally, with the expertise of the highest level. The founder, Mr. Aakash Chavda, has a collective experience of more than two decades in the energy sector in various countries. Banking on this experience and deep insight into the Indian energy sector, we take pride in our professionalism, expertise, and usage of the latest technology to serve clients and take care of Existing long haul can switch to the saving mode, lighter on pocket as well on environment.

How We Are Different

What makes Kryo Energy stand apart?

In India’s rapidly growing energy sector, which is now seeing an unprecedented surge in energy and fuel requirements, Kryo Energy brings with it an unparalleled degree of expertise and professionalism. Below are some of our Unique Selling Points.
  • Kryo Energy has an early-mover advantage in the LNG niche in India's energy sector.
  • A collective experience of more than three decades in the energy and fuel sector.
  • Exposure and in energy sectors of different countries.
  • A solid vision and foresight for the LNG and energy sector in India.
  • A young and dynamic team of experts from the energy sector.
  • Willingness to harness the power of the latest technology to benefit all citizens of India.

Important Milestones

Our Journey


With collective expertise of several core fields of energy, we as Kryo energy gives all the best solution under one umbrella and open for energy transition of any entity


Chicken and egg story, now ends with the first footprint of Kryo energy in India. LNG fuelling now on surface in 2022.


Existing long haul can switch to the saving mode, lighter on pocket as well on environment. On ground and On the go Facility in 2022.

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