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LNG - The Story in Numbers

As the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, the increased use of LNG can significantly improve local air quality as well as reduce carbon dioxide (C02) emissions. LNG releases 45-50% less C02 than coal, 30% less C02 than fuel oil, dramatically reduces nitrogen oxide emissions, does not emit soot, dust or fumes, and produces insignificant amounts of sulphur dioxide, mercury, and other particulates compared to other fuels.
To meet the challenges of global warming, climate change, and protecting the environment - several countries are adopting actions aimed, at achieving a target of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, along with a set of measures designed to reduce pollutant emissions. The Government of India has laid out a plan for the higher availability and usage of Liquified Natural Gas, vis-a-vis the common fossil fuels.
The Government of India is working actively in the direction of replacing commonly used fossil fuels, with LNG, in a move aimed at reducing pollution and improving the Air Quality Index (AQI). Over 80%of India's current energy needs are met by three fuels: coal, oil and solid biomass. Natural gas (Liquefied Natural Gas) and modern renewable sources of energy have started to gain ground despite the COVI 019 Pandemic.

An Essential Way To Reduce The Carbon Footprint

Carbon Credits

You can think of carbon credits as a "permission slip" for a company to emit their waste Carbon Dioxide up to a present amount for that year. The number of credits issued each year is typically based on emissions targets set by the Government. To reduce Periodically, making companies reduce their carbon emissions automatically if they want carbon credits.
Conventional fossil fuels like petrol and diesel have the highest usage, and therefore, the pollution caused by them is the highest. This can be damaging to the climate at a global level. This is the reason that governments are implementing the concept of Carbon Credits, which can also be sold in a regular carbon market, which can become source of a revenue for a company.

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