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LNG utilization has been steadily rising and is likely to become the most-consumed fuel. Thanks to the fact that several countries have woken up to the threats of environmental damage and global warming, Liquified Natural Gas or LNG, as it is called, is set to outpace oil consumption. LNG s a proven eco-friendly fuel and has several other benefits, significantly the financial benefit.

Since the Government of India has announced ambitious plans for setting up LNG stations and driving LNG consumption, there is a massive shakedown in the energy industry. Kryo Energy has recognized this inevitable paradigm shift and has emerged as the most prominent player in the Indian energy industry. With a team of experts who have a collective experience of more than 20 years in the energy industry, Kryo Energy has burst into the energy industry in India. Kryo Energy s driven towards working for a clean and green future and is keen to work with other companies and the government to improve air quality and reduce the pollution caused by the current carbon fuels.

Let us join hands to make the future clean and green.

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  • Bio LNG Blending
  • Concept LNG fueling station / LCNG
  • Conversion (Road / Sea Fleets)
  • EV Charging station
  • Hydrogen fueling station
  • LNG Re-gasification satellite station
  • Cryogenic Services / AMC for LNG Fleets / LNG fuel tank


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